March 11, 2008

Criminally unjust

The latest criminal [in]justice proposal kite is having a test flight. It will crash and burn way before it hits the courts (hopefully) but it does show the desperation of the government when they have to include measures like this:
Thieves who target vulnerable victims, such as the elderly, may not be sent to jail in future - if it is shown they were motivated by desperation or need.

What the fuck? What else are they going to claim?
"Well yes M'lud, I brutally assaulted that sweet old grandmother and then stole her handbag because I didn't like the colour of her shoes."
No, any scrote is going to come out with:
"I didn't want to, but I was desperate because of my [insert dependency de jour here] addiction."
You can also see the fingerprints of trendy anti-capitalists over this one because those who shop-lift from large chain stores will get even lower sentences that if they ripped off a small, independent trader. Stealing from shops will, under these proposals, will not mean prison even if they injure people during the course of their theft.

There is no mention, of course, about the real reason that these measures are being proposed. That the government has not built enough prison cells, and so because of its own incompetence the government has decided to relieve itself of the hassle of actually trying to deal with crime. One of the very few legitimate activities that the state actually has. All these measures will do is reduce the risks of crime for criminals and therefore increase the risk of becoming a victim of crime to everybody else, especially vulnerable victims such as the elderly.


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